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Building the Coachellaverse:

A Journey

Through AR Creativity

We partnered with Meta and Coachella to create a docu-series that highlights the creation of the Coachellaverse, a virtual gateway that reimagined the Coachella experience for fans worldwide. Following a two-year hiatus, Coachella returned in grand style, thanks to the power of augmented reality (AR). Our docu-series created over 7,000,000 views and offered fans an innovative and immersive journey. 

The Creators Behind the Coachellaverse

More than a dozen brilliant Spark creators embarked on the ambitious mission of bringing the Coachellaverse to life. Each creator took on the challenge of conceptualizing, designing, and building an AR effect for Instagram, utilizing the advanced capabilities of Spark AR Studio. Although each AR effect was a unique experience in itself, they all united to allow fans to engage with a playful array of characters, objects, textures and sounds within the Coachellaverse.

A Global Connection Through AR

Millions of fans across the world participated in Coachella this year, whether through the live event or its virtual touchpoints. The AR effects alone left an indelible mark, generating over 100,000 opens on Instagram. These effects allowed fans from Los Angeles to Rio, Tokyo to London, to discover and immerse themselves in their own unique corners of the Coachellaverse.

The Unveiling of "Building the Coachellaverse" Docuseries

Now that the festival has wrapped up, we're thrilled to introduce a new docuseries titled Building the Coachellaverse. This series offers a captivating peek behind the scenes, providing unique insights into the creative process of several Coachellaverse effects. The docuseries unfolds through the eyes and experiences of four remarkable creators: Alexis Zerafa, Helena Dong, Luke Hurd, and Paige Piskin.

If you've ever wondered about the intricacies of bringing a complex AR project to life for millions of fans, Building the Coachellaverse is your exclusive backstage pass. It's an opportunity to journey behind the scenes with some of the most accomplished creators who harnessed the Spark AR platform to make Coachellaverse a reality.

Going Deeper

into the AR Story

From target tracking and body tracking to AR objects and geo-anchoring (currently in beta), these interviews provide a comprehensive look at the technological wizardry that brought the Coachellaverse to life. You can catch these interviews by following Spark AR Creators on Facebook or Instagram.

While Alexis, Luke, Paige, and Helena's perspectives shine a light on the Coachella story, it's crucial to recognize the contributions of the other nine creators who collaborated on this year's Coachella project: Allan Berger, BLNK Digital, Cibelle Bastos, Girls Who Code (GWC), Isabelle Udo, Jeferson Arujo, Mitsuko Ono, Nigel Matambo, and Piper ZY. Our heartfelt thanks and congratulations go out to all these talented creators who lent their expertise to this extraordinary project.

This year's Coachellaverse activation marks just the beginning of a long-term strategy to enhance the fan experience using AR. We eagerly anticipate the evolution of this project and the endless possibilities it holds.

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