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Creating the Atelier of Dreams: A Meta-Powered Journey with Dior by BUCK

We Partnered with Meta, Dior, and Buck to explore the magic of augmented reality by crafting the docu-series "Creating the Atelier of Dreams," - which captured the design process for the AR integration of Dior's 2022 Holiday Fragrance line "Dream in Dior".

A Mesmerizing Collaboration

Our team traveled to Paris to collaborate with Dior and Meta- capturing the BUCK team and their expert work to bring a physical space designed by Dior to life in AR- and the result is nothing short of mesmerizing. The documentary, which has already garnered over 100,000 views, offers an exclusive glimpse into the creation of remarkable AR experiences for Dior Beauty's dream in dior campaign.

Watch the documentary now: Creating the Atelier of Dreams

Behind the Scenes with BUCK

In this series, we take you behind the scenes with the talented team at BUCK as they embark on a creative journey to conceptualize, design, and launch a collection of AR experiences that added a touch of elegance and wonder to Dior's holiday campaign, Dream in Dior.

Enchanting Environments

From Seoul to Paris, and even in the comfort of your own home, these AR experiences adorned multiple environments with stars, glittering artworks, and ornate visual feasts.

Magical Mansion in Paris

Pop-up "L’atelier des Reves" in Paris was transformed into a magical holiday wonderland, and guests were treated to bespoke AR experiences designed specifically for each room, including Le Grand Salon and L’Espace Parfums.

Dazzling Seoul

In Seoul, shoppers embarked on a dazzling journey through Dior Beauty pop-up stores, where celestial constellations came to life above J'Adore Chandeliers and amid the Dinner de la Colle Noir.

Dior Constellations

Dior Constellations reimagined Pietro Ruffo’s intricate artwork, allowing fans to interact with it at Dior beauty point-of-sale locations.

The Making of AR Magic

But the magic doesn't end there. Our documentary delves deep into the creative process, showcasing how we used Meta Spark to bring these AR experiences to life. Through interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, and expert insights, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of the technological wizardry that made the Atelier of Dreams a reality.

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Unveilingg Creativity

Discover how Dior, BUCK, and Meta collaborated to create an enchanting relationship between Dior customers and the brand through interactive storytelling. Our AR effects brought Pietro Ruffo's celestial art to life, expanding Dior's brand universe into the realm of immersive experiences.

Beyond the Documentary

The Atelier of Dreams is not just a documentary; it's an ode to creativity, technology, and the limitless possibilities of augmented reality in the world of fashion.

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